My methods : force free positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is by definition ‘the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering reward when the behaviour is exhibited’. A Behaviour Practitioner will gather information as to why a behaviour is happening (or not), looking at every aspect of the dog’s environment and experiences within it: their exhibited behaviours, how they communicate, their body language and emotions and then solutions as to how to help the dog in his world.

Force free, positive reinforcement coaching is a method in which the human will guide and help the dog to develop, improve and learn new skills, lead them to make the right choices as well as set them up for success and build confidence. Using positive reinforcement tools – tasty treats, verbal praise or a toy to reward a desired behaviour – our dogs can learn what we ask of them. The more a dog finds a behaviour has been rewarded they become more likely to repeat it.

To find out what your dog may be suffering from and how I can help you please consult the different sections below :

Rescue dogs

Helping your new friend settle in 


Building your dog’s self esteem

Fear, Anxiety & Stress

Overcoming traumatic experiences

Behaviour Problems

Jumping up, pulling on lead, human contact …

Dog behaviour consultations

It is important to take time to understand your dog’s behaviour.

I follow this process in order to understand your dog

Before visiting you in your home I will send a dog history form to be filled in and returned before an appointment. This is to get as much information on your dog and the problem(s) you are experiencing. After I have received your dog’s history form I will spend up to 2 hours with you in your home, during which I will observe your dog’s behaviours, interactions with the environment and with you. I will discuss my observations with you and then together we will develop a plan of action to help your dog move forward by using force free, positive reward based methods. You will receive a written report with the information we have discussed and activities, games and the methods that will support your dog’s development.

The consultation and development plan is charged at 25€ per hour plus 40 cents per km travel expenses calculated, using Google Maps.

Any questions ?

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