Behaviour Problems

Many behaviours, considered problems by us, may in fact stem from a dog’s natural behaviours for example: barking ‘hey I’m here where are you’ or digging a hole in the lawn to sleep in. However, a problem behaviour (or struggle) may also an indication of a deeper underlying problem. By taking a holistic approach to help identify the root cause we can discuss appropriate solutions and management to address the struggle you are having. examples may include:

  • Barking – dogs vocalise for a number of reasons: attention, boredom, warning or alerting you to an intruder but sometimes the dog has developed a more entrenched response to a stimulus that needs to be identified
  • Jumping up can be a seeking behaviour stemming from the dog’s formative puppy as a greeting to us humans, cute when your puppy does it not so cute when a full-grown dog jumps up at an elderly relative!
  • Recall – probably one of the ‘must have’ behaviours a solid recall can save your dog from danger, getting lost or getting into trouble. Although most dogs want to stay close to us the temptation of smells, sounds, small creatures, other dogs or people are far more rewarding than coming back to you to have their lead put on.

In all the examples above a bespoke development plan will support you and your dog to overcome the behavioural issue enabling a more rewarding (and perhaps less frustrating for you) relationship to develop with your canine friend.

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