Rescue Dogs

Adopting a dog is a rewarding experience, however, sometimes they arrive with behaviours established during their past life. As each dog is individual with different experiences so maybe the way they behave. As examples, I can help with:

  • Settling into a new home; can be stressful (for the dog and sometimes the guardian!), new people, smells, noises, objects and routines as well as what behaviours are now expected of them
  • Undesirable behaviours – chewing objects, bin raiding, counter surfing are examples of behaviours we may find difficult to live with
  • Lead pulling – being attached to a lead is not natural for a dog and for many rescue dogs it is a new and challenging experience. By gaining focus we can work together with your dog to turn a lead struggle into loose lead walking

By applying positive reward coaching I will work with you to turn undesirable behaviours into desirable ones and establish positive manners in your dog. We will use games and activities to encourage calmness and focus helping to establish a strong healthy relationship with you.

If your dog’s behaviour has changed suddenly before visiting you I may suggest having a veterinarian check to rule out any underlying illness, medical condition or pain which may be causing this.

Any questions ?

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